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There is an organ shortage crisis. In this US alone, 114,000 people are on a waiting list for a life-saving organ donation. Organs are in high demand but low supply and bioprinting, a technology that has the promise to print organs and solve the crisis has potential but isn't ready to be applied as a real-world solution because formulating the bioink essential to printing organs is difficult.

Our Solution

We’re proposing a machine learning analytics model that can help scientists, researchers, and experts by revealing insights into the relationship between a bioink formulation and the function of a printed tissue. With this model, we’ll be able to accelerate the R&D of bioink formulas and consequently reduce the costs.


With our solution, we're disrupting the status quo of 3d bioprinting by accelerating research times for formulating bioinks, increasing efficiency within the lab to get results for patients faster, and elevating the ability of researchers to create tissue-specific bioinks.

Our Moonshot Goal

We're shooting for the stars with our vision

What may sound like sci-fi is what we're trying to make a reality. We believe that with Vitality, we're pursuing a higher level of healthcare for patients that is safer, higher quality, and more ethical than ever before. We're pushing the bounds of nature to create the vehicles that breathe life into humans and as strong believers in impactful solutions > creative solutions, we're grounded by a strong north star of shooting for the moon while remaining realistic enough about our end-goal to make it happen.

Our Team

We've built a strong team of great people

Our team comprises of innovators passionate about a broad range of different technologies but share a common desire to revolutionize healthcare. Our backgrounds range from Artificial Intelligence to Synthetic Biology to Connectomics and we're excited to apply our skills and knowledge into creating tangible and real-world impact.

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